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Local communities driving the development

What We Do


Public health strengthening & public participation

Our work with Cambodia's Ministry of Health to make "National Hotline-115" was selected as a winner of the WHO Western Pacific Innovation Challenge in 2022. We have worked closely with MoH, along with others, to develop a system for the early detection of disease outbreak. This effort and the hotline that resulted gave the ministry a valuable tool to respond quickly in situations where timeliness is so critical to containing the outbreak of disease.


Strengthening transparency and accountability

We work with partners and stakeholders to co-design and roll out a set of "civic tech" tools. Projects like "One Window for Citizens" and "Digitized Community Scorecard" aimed to strengthening citizens engagement and strengthen the voice of citizens. A major goal for this effort was to see more people using tools to dialogue meaningfully with officials in government. In other words, this project's aim was to improve citizen engagement in social accountability activity with local government.


Digital upskilling 

In partnership with groups including the Ministry of Education Cambodia,,  MSMEs networks and local partners, we rolled out a Computational Thinking curriculum to public schools. We also designed and rolled out a Digital Upskilling curriculum to MSMEs associations and their networks, in order to boost digital skills in Cambodia.

Our Latest Updates

Kawsang-design workshop-indonesia.jpeg

Kawsang held a “User-centered design” workshop in Surakarta, Indonesia for The Health Information and Technology for Improved Health Education project, in collaboration with Institute of Tropical Medicine and Universitas Sebelas Maret(UNS) and Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM).

Kick start our new project "Shrinking the urban-rural education gap by using computer programming” in Battambang province in collaboration with SPIDER and Khmer NGO for Education.

Kawsang bridging education gap project.png

How we work

Kawsang connects. We act as the enabling environment for the transfer of technology and as facilitators of skillful collaborations across segments of society. Good dialogue needs to take place between software developers, governments, NGOs, universities, private sector companies, local communities, and experts from a variety of disciplines. We help make such exchanges happen, so we can together reach mutual goals.


In this way, Kawsang's approach provides a chance for a unique blend.


Here, the social and technological development spheres--which have traditionally worked on problem-solving in isolation from each other--can come together to truly examine the most pressing problems. By working collaboratively to explore shared solutions Kawsang fosters collaborative engineering practices, multi-disciplinary dialogue, cross-sector partnerships, and entrepreneurial innovation. Taken together, this work aims to better serve the public good.


Want to partner with Kawsang?

We work with organizations across development sectors seeking to create positive impact and sustainable solutions for the community.

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