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What We Do

Hotline 115 officer responding to a call from the public.

Our work with Cambodia's Ministry of Health to create the 'National Hotline-115' was selected as a winner of the WHO Western Pacific Innovation Challenge in 2022. We have worked closely with the MoH, among others, to develop digital systems for the early detection of disease outbreaks. This effort and the resulting hotline have provided the ministry with a valuable tool to respond quickly in situations where timeliness is critical to containing the outbreak of disease.

Scorecard activity with the community in Cambodia using the Digitized Community Scorecard.

We work with partners and stakeholders to co-design and roll out a set of 'civic tech' tools. Projects like 'One Window for Citizens' and 'Digitized Community Scorecard' aim to strengthen citizen engagement and amplify the voices of citizens. A major goal of this effort is to encourage more people to use these tools to engage in meaningful dialogue with government officials. In other words, the aim of this project is to improve citizen engagement in social accountability activities with local government.

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Education Cambodia and development partners, we strive to enhance digital skills among students and MSMEs in Cambodia. This includes initiatives such as the implementation of a Computational Thinking curriculum in public schools, as well as working closely with MSME networks and associations to provide support in digital skills and enable their participation in the digital economy.

Our Latest Updates

How we work

Our approach blends social and technological development, bringing them together to address pressing challenges. Through collaborative engineering practices, multi-disciplinary dialogue, cross-sector partnerships, and entrepreneurial innovation, Kawsang explores shared solutions. Our aim is to better serve the public good.

We believe in empowering communities to drive their own development. By facilitating inclusive and participatory processes, we ensure that diverse voices are heard. Through community-driven development, we co-create sustainable solutions that meet local needs and aspirations.

Kawsang's work is rooted in the belief that collaboration and community empowerment are catalysts for positive change. Together with our partners, we strive to build a future where communities actively shape their own destinies and create meaningful impact.

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We collaborate with organizations across various development sectors, all aiming to create positive impact and sustainable solutions for communities.

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