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Digital upskilling 

In partnership with groups including the Ministry of Education Cambodia,,  MSMEs networks and local partners, we rolled out a Computational Thinking curriculum to public schools. We also designed and rolled out a Digital Upskilling curriculum to MSMEs associations and their networks, in order to boost digital skills in Cambodia.

Area of Focus


Digital Marketing

We design curriculum and learning material specifically for MSME group related to basic social media, digital marketing, and online safety. We then provide the training and coaching session to them as well.


ICT Curriculum

We Introduces curriculum to first, NGS, then to more public schools across the country. The work focuses on problem solving and understanding of basic coding class that allow students to work on different project.

sme storytelling.jpeg


We train individual how to tell stories through writing and video so that they are create contents for digital platform like Facebook. We believe this is a way they can speak for themselves and be the voice of their community.

“I have a better understanding of how to manage my Facebook Page. I can now boost the post effectively after being introduced to the target group and Facebook insight. As a result, one of my posts has reached more than 4000 reach spending a lot less than before.”

-An MSMEs Digital Upskilling Beneficiary

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We work with organizations across development sectors seeking to create positive impact and sustainable solutions for the community.

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