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Shrinking the urban-rural education gap by using computer programming

The education gap between urban and rural populations results in lack of equal opportunities and widens the economic gap between urban and rural people. With recent improvements of the infrastructure in rural Cambodia, an opportunity has emerged to implement ICT education programmes in the rural areas to bridge this education gap.

Digital Scorecard Card Adaptation for Strengthening the Voice of Women Garment Workers (SVW)

The project facilitated the use of a mobile and computer-based monitoring tool (digital scorecard) that enables women workers to voice their assessment of services and working conditions provided by factory management. 

Reproductive health education mobile application for youth

The project aims to increasing youth access to Sexual Reproductive Health information and service (SRHR), Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), Gender and Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) via Adolescent and Youth Friendly Mobile App.

Civil Society Support Activity (CSS) Activity - Innovation Lab Grant

The project aims to facilitating CSS civil society partners to identify specific advocacy and capacity-building challenges and test new approaches or tools to address strategic communication and awareness raising.

Digital Disease Detection in the Mekong Basin Region

The project aims to improve the Mekong Basin Region’s ability to track and respond to outbreaks.

ICT4D Solution Incubator Cambodia

The ICT4D Solution Incubator initiative aims to empower Cambodia-based development actors to strategically, effectively and sustainably integrate ICTs in their programs for maximum social impact.

Khmer Writing Mobile application

Sor Se Khmer is a mobile application that supports students to learn how to write in a more entertaining way.

Teaching Improved Gender Equality and Responsiveness (TIGER)

TIGER is a consortium project implemented by VVOB, KAPE, GADC and PKO in collaboration with MoEYS and MoWA​. InSTEDD iLab SEA provided system development support of the interactive storytelling platform to the project.

Mental Health Education Videos

InSTEDD teamed up with Maryknoll Mental Health produced two educational videos illustrating signs for mental health have been created and distributed on social media in the attempt to make people understand more about the issue.

Agriculture SME and Storytelling

Facebook page “Agriculture Tales” was created to document small holders famers' story in Cambodia.

Cambodia National Health Hotline -115

In 2016, in Cambodia, a free national hotline was re-designed for the public to report health threats directly to national health authorities. The Hotline played very important role in responding to COVID-19 in Cambodia. It was awarded as a winner of the WHO Western Pacific Innovation Challenge in 2022. To-date, 115 Hotline has > 770,000 unique users, and received > 3.4 millions calls/reports.

Computer Programming Curriculum for Public School

The project adopted curriculum that focuses on problem solving and understanding of basic coding class to the 6 New Generation Schools.

Trey Visay E-Career Counseling

Trey Visay provide access to youth on structured career guidance and information to enable youth to choose career options fit with their talents.

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