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New Phase of the Youth Career Counselling Application: "Trey Visay"

Under the ADB grant, MoEYS has selected Kawsang to upgrade Trey Visay with the objective of increasing the number of secondary school students in 25 cities/provinces who receive career guidance and counseling via Trey Visay to at least 200,000.

Shrinking the urban-rural education gap by using computer programming

The education gap between urban and rural populations results in a lack of equal opportunities and widens the economic gap between urban and rural people. With recent improvements in infrastructure in rural Cambodia, an opportunity has emerged to implement ICT education programs in the rural areas to bridge this education gap.

Civil Society Support Activity (CSS) - Innovation Lab Grant

The project aims to facilitate CSS civil society partners in identifying specific advocacy and capacity-building challenges and testing new approaches or tools to address strategic communication and awareness-raising.

Mobile application for reproductive health education for youth

The project aims to increase youth access to Sexual Reproductive Health information and services (SRHR), Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), Gender, and Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) through an Adolescent and Youth Friendly Mobile App.

Digital Scorecard Adaptation for Strengthening the Voice of Women Garment Workers (SVW)

The project facilitated the use of a mobile and computer-based monitoring tool (digital scorecard) that enables women workers to voice their assessment of services and working conditions provided by factory management.

Cambodia National Health Hotline -115

In 2016, in Cambodia, a free national hotline was redesigned for the public to report health threats directly to national health authorities. The hotline played a very important role in responding to COVID-19 in Cambodia. It was awarded as the winner of the WHO Western Pacific Innovation Challenge in 2022. By April 2023, the hotline has received over 3.4 million calls/reports.

Human and Animal Health Outbreak Event Monitoring in Cambodia

Human and Animal Health Outbreak Event Monitoring in Cambodia uses the Cam EMS system, which is an event management tracking system aimed at improving event-based surveillance for human and animal health in Cambodia.

Supporting meaningful civic engagement for improved accountability by leveraging digital technologies

The project aims to develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels and ensure public access to information and fundamental freedoms.

My Journey Mobile Application

My Journey Mobile Application is a comprehensive Service Mobile Application focused on Violence Against Women (VAW) response in migration.

Covid-19 Outbreak Mapping

The Covid-19 outbreak mapping was created in response to COVID-19 situation and provide the latest update of COVID-19 daily cases in Cambodia to the public.

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