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Human and Animal Health Outbreak Event Monitoring in Cambodia

Human and Animal Health Outbreak Event Monitoring in Cambodia uses the Cam EMS system, which is an event management tracking system aimed at improving event-based surveillance for human and animal health in Cambodia.

Human and Animal Health Outbreak Event Monitoring in Cambodia

The system allows the Communicable Disease Control of the Ministry of Health and the General Department of Animal Health Production to record and track any suspicious outbreak nationwide. The system was designed to incorporate the timeliness metrics and milestones of each event. The Verification Fund was implemented along with the Cam EMS to provide fund support to provincial and national levels for carrying out timely verification of suspected events for both human and animal cases. The Cam EMS system provides data sharing ability between human and animal cases with the objective of strengthening zoonotic disease surveillance and promoting collaboration between human and animal health groups.


  • The training and rollout of Cam EMS began at the national and sub-national levels (including all provincial levels) in June 2020

  • The Verification Fund package provides assistance for addressing the lack of resources at the sub-national level for verification of outbreak events

  • As of April 2023, 297 outbreak events in Cambodia have been verified, recorded, and tracked on Cam EMS

Project Period: July 2019 - March 2022. 

* Post-project period: CCDC and GDAHP continue to use Cam EMS for their daily operations to monitor and record outbreak events in the community.

Location: Cambodia

Funded by: Ending Pandemics

Partners: InSTEDD iLab SEA, Cambodia CDC of MoH, GDAHP of MAFF

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