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About Us

Our mission: We work with local communities to co-create innovative solutions and drive the development of their communities.


Our vision: We envision local communities driving the development, advancing their livelihood and prosperities.

Kawsang is a social enterprise (previously: InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia). We work with partners such as governments, development sector partners and people in local communities. Together, in cross-sectoral collaborations, we co-design solutions for some of the key challenges in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC).   

Our team has over 13 years of experience in building partnerships, co-design digital technology solutions and implementing programs to improve public health, social accountability and fostering digital skills. 

Team Task

Meet The Team


Channé Suy Lan


Channé Suy Lan is an “ICT for Development” leader and expert, experienced at initiating, designing, managing and implementing technology-based solutions for development, in the areas of health, education and social-economic development in developing countries.

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Kakada Chheang

Co-founder & CEO

Kakada is a technical leader and software development expert.  He has more than ten years experiences on frontline software development and deployment for disease surveillance and development projects. In addition, he is a STEM education enthusiast, has worked on Computational Thinking curriculum for public schools in Cambodia.

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Sokly Heng

Senior Software Developer

Sokly is an experienced software developer in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AngularJS, Sidekiq, Redis, Android, Ionic, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, RSpec, Git, TDD/BDD, OO Design. She loves creating software that yield positive impact in community. Outside professional responsibilities, Sokly enjoys spending time with her daughter.

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Kimsan Lim

Software Developer

Kimsan is an experienced mobile app developer. He is knowledgeable in problem-solving, UI/Ux, testing, debugging, and deploying (mobile app). He is proficient in mobile and web technologies, including Javascript, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, React Native, Laravel, and Ruby On Rails. 

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Sophat Chy 

Senior ICT Trainer and Facilitator (Consultant)

Sophat is prominent for his work of organizing the Barcamp event along with numerous universities in Cambodia. On top of that, Sophat also creates video and Facebook content to help people to stay safe online and have a good practice of hygiene internet usage on my Facebook page.

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Sopheak ROS.jpg

Sopheak ROS

ICT Trainer and Facilitator (Consultant)

Sopheak has many years of experience in the field of high education training programs. He has experiences in curriculum designing, updating, implementing as well as delivering the training courses to the students.

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Ratana Chheang.jpeg

Ratana Chheang

Finance Manager (Consultant)

Ratana has extensive of experiences in financial management, financial control and compliance. She has gained her experiences years of working in both non-profit sector and commercial technology companies. 

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Akira Morita.jpeg

Akira Morita

Design Thinking Lead (Consultant)

Akira has over 20 years of experiences as a freelance designer, facilitator, and consultant in organizational development, change and innovations. Fluent in both English and Japanese. Experience with cross-cultural collaborations in Ireland, the US, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

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Chandy Mao

Human centered design facilitator (Consultant)

Chandy has experiences in product design, digital content creation, ICT related training and as a facilitator. He has gained his human centered design experiences from on the job experiences where he has done product design and facilitation for social innovation projects. 

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Want to partner with Kawsang?

We work with organizations across development sectors seeking to create positive impact and sustainable solutions for the community.

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