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Covid-19 Outbreak Mapping

The Covid-19 outbreak mapping was created in response to COVID-19 situation and provide the latest update of COVID-19 daily cases in Cambodia to the public.

Covid-19 Outbreak Mapping

The portal (link) provides data of the COVID-19 case update and other related educational and prevention information in Cambodia. The outbreak mapping is a visualization aid that maps the coronavirus outbreak cases across Cambodia providing real-time updates on the number of cases of COVID-19 in different locations. The application also allows the viewer to access educational video from reliable sources and connect themselves to other resources like 115 hotline and CDC FB page. The solution is created to combat false claim information of the case of COVID-19 in Cambodia and false information of the method of prevention to the public. 

Project Period: March 2020 - March 2022

Location: Cambodia

Partners: Cambodia CDC of MoH Cambodia, and InSTEDD iLab SEA 

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