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Cambodia MSMEs Digital Upskilling

The project aims to increase the ability of MSMEs to build a strong online presence, stay smart and safe online. The project built capacity and supported existing MSMEs networks/association and equip them with ICT training tools kits for further training and support to their MSMEs member.

Cambodia MSMEs Digital Upskilling

The unprecedented COVID-19 has forced many MSMEs that have not yet adopted their business to be online to face hard times or go bankrupt. MSMEs need support to adopt their business to cope with offline social distancing created by COVID-19 and to be ready for its next wave and future pandemic.

While MSMEs realize the potential of digital connectivity, they are still struggling to increase their business presence online. In addition, the digital marketing services are usually not affordable by MSMEs.

From our informal learning with MSMEs on their digitals gaps and key challenges that prevent them from increasing their business online presence, they specifically want to have practical training and guidance not only on how to use digital tools but also on how to create engaging content and how to create a digital marketing plan.

Our InSTEDD iLab SEA local team is experienced in human-centered design, creating and delivering basic digital literacy training to MSMEs and volunteer trainers. Based on our understanding of MSMEs’ context in Cambodia and the ecosystem, we propose the following project objectives and activities to empower MSMEs advancing their growth with online presence.

Publication: Manual Guidebook (Free Download), Project Case Study

Project Period: November 2020 - November 2021

Location: Cambodia

Implemented by: InSTEDD iLab SEA

Funded by: USAID (via DAI)

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