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HIV Mobile Appointment Reminders

Updated: May 22, 2023

published on Jul 10, 2013

The iLab Southeast Asia provided the technology for a project by the NGO Pangaea in collaboration with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, specifically the National Centre for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STD Control (NCHADS). The project aimed to develop a tool that enables home-based care workers to track and remind HIV/AIDS patients about their appointments.

The primary objective of the project was to reduce the number of patients who discontinue their treatment and minimize instances of patients being 'lost-to-follow-up'. The target users of the tool are home-based care workers from seven NGOs who are responsible for managing over 1400 patients across 38 (and rapidly growing) different health centers. The system integrates our mobile tools with existing patient databases and required extensive field design to ensure effectiveness, data privacy, and usability.

Furthermore, we collaborated with NCHADS to provide training to their IT team. This training aimed to enhance their proficiency in using the system, enabling them to train other users and make necessary adjustments to meet the evolving needs of HIV/AIDS patient care and treatment.



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