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Digital Disease Detection in the Mekong Basin Region

The project aims to improve the ability of the Mekong Basin Region to track and respond to outbreaks.

Digital Disease Detection in the Mekong Basin Region

Countries within the Mekong Basin region face serious health challenges due to factors such as the emergence of new infectious agents, increased globalization, climate change, and growing urbanization. To effectively respond to these challenges and prevent the spread of communicable diseases, InSTEDD iLab SEA has been working closely with the Ministries of Health (MoHs) of Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia as part of this project. The aim is to refine and pilot four digital disease detection solutions that were identified through the EpiHacks initiative. During the development of these solutions, the iLab will expand its existing tool functionalities and innovate new tools, which will further contribute to the strengthening of digital disease detection and participatory surveillance as they become available as open source.

Project Period: 2015 - 2019

Location: Cambodia, Vietname, Laos, Myanmar

Supported by: Skoll Global Threats Fund 

Partners: InSTEDD iLab SEA with Ministry of Health in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, and Myanmar

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