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ICT4D Solution Incubator Cambodia

The ICT4D Solution Incubator initiative aims to empower development actors based in Cambodia to strategically, effectively, and sustainably integrate ICTs in their programs for maximum social impact.

ICT4D Solution Incubator Cambodia

InSTEDD iLab SEA initiated, designed, and implemented the "ICT4D Solution Incubator" program, which helped stakeholders ideate, design, and implement their own projects. In one case, a career counseling mobile application was used by over 28,000 youths and was subsequently officially adopted by the Ministry of Education. In another case, a foundation computer science curriculum solution for high schools was also officially adopted by the Ministry of Education and is currently serving over 3,000 students every year.

Case studies of initiatives incubated and piloted under the ICT4D Solution Incubator Program:

1. Empowering public schools through computer programming(Link to case study:
2. Trey Visay - Changing New Face of Career Counseling(Link to case study:
2. Improve early grade Khmer writing in Cambodia (Link to case study:
3. Community mapping of the city cleanliness(Link to case study:
4. Mental Health Educational Awareness Raising(Link to case study:

Duaration: June 2016-July 2019

Location: Cambodia

Implemented by: InSTEDD iLab SEA

Funded by: SPIDER

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