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Khmer Writing Mobile application

Sor Se Khmer is a mobile application that supports students in learning how to write in a more entertaining way.

Khmer Writing Mobile application

The app is built in response to the fact that Cambodian children are struggling to write and express themselves in their native language, Khmer. According to an assessment conducted by the Education Quality Assurance Department (EQAD) of the MOEYS in December 2015, 50% of Cambodian children demonstrate an inability to write sentences.

The same report also states that students, particularly in the third grade, have a limited vocabulary, with their dictation scores averaging a dismal 41% correct. Furthermore, EQAD indicates that teachers at schools have limited resources to improve students' vocabulary proficiency.

The application is the outcome of iCamp on Education, which took place in August 2017. The application targets students from grade 1 to grade 4, helping them learn how to write in Khmer. It includes functions such as writing according to tracing, writing based on sound, and writing based on pictures. Sor Se Khmer is available for download on Android devices and is currently being used in New Generation School in Kampong Cham province.

Click here to download.

Project Period: 2017- 2018

Location: Cambodia

Funded by : SPIDER

Partners: InSTEDD iLab SEA, KAPE

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