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Computer Programming: What Can Student Clubs Do As The Outcome?​

Published on Jun 26, 2019

First started since October last year, the piloting project of Computer programing program at NGS schools is now coming to the phase of producing some products based on what they have learned. Students are open to working on the project. They team up as a group of four or five people to work on an idea or a project that they all desire.

There are 12 student clubs within four NGS school. Four student’s clubs from Hun Sen Kampong Cham, one student’s club from Preah Sisowath, four student’s clubs from Prek Anjanh High School and three student’s clubs from Prek Leap High School. Projects ideas from those clubs are covering on the game lab, mobile apps, website and robotic. These projects will have to be carried on throughout the months before the arrival of Parent Night Show that set to happen on various dates between June 20 to the early of July.

Parent Night Show is an event organized in the purpose of giving a platform for NGS students to showcase or display their project work to their teachers and parents.

The existing interest of students on the computer programing courses plus the excitement about the upcoming show has pushed forward the students to work tirelessly on their project in order to make sure that they have a product to display to audiences.

Before the actual coding progress, students are given time to brainstorm the idea, draft down the picture of their game or app, with guidance and mentoring from our developers at InSTEDD. They have come up with many interesting ideas that impress both their teachers and mentors. One among many other projects called ‘Jumping on the road’ by a seventh-grade team at Prek Anhjanh could be an ideal example of how intriguing those projects are.

Jumping on the road is a game that has a similar function to a prominent game from the 90s named Mario. The difference would be Mario is created by adults with at least years of experience in computer programming while ‘Jumping on the road’ is built by kids aged from 13 or 14 years old.

Creating game sounds simple but as a matter of fact, in each of the process they are taking, there are challenges standing in line waiting for them to overcome.

During the first visit of Mentor in early April, Kim Lita, a team member of ‘Jumping on the Road’ indicates that her team is having problem with adding screens and designing the background of the game. Lita also adds that she has tried to explore the solution herself for a couple of times but it does not work.

Now that they have arrived at the actual coding stage, the problem is doubled or tripled. Having understood about the ongoing issue that the students have, mentors from InSTEDD are dividing their time between their holiday and visiting their mentees every weekend to help them out. At the same time, students are gaming up their hard work, effort, and commitment towards their work as well. “ we have presented our problem to our mentor and she did give us some clearer insight that we think we can go on now, but we will see what else of the problems will be coming,” said Lita

Stay tuned for the upcoming result of their projects as well as the Parents Night Show!

(Words by Sovanpidor Ham)

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