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Piloting Computer Programming at NGS Schools

Updated: May 22, 2023

Published on Nov 26, 2018

Information about the ICT Education Program Information and Communication Technology (ICT), from computers to phones, has become pervasive in both our personal and professional lives, advancing rapidly and transforming Cambodia into a knowledge-based economy. The education system cannot afford to lag behind, as it runs the risk of equipping students with skills that are outdated in today's society.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), recognizing the importance of technological advancement in the economy and society, has developed its Information and Communication Technology Education plan. This plan has been integrated into the national curriculum for students from grade 4 to grade 12.

In order to help students have a deep understand about ICT, InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia in partnership with MoEYS and KAPE have already piloted a Computer Programming program for students from grade 7 to grade 11 at New Generation School(NGS). Program Implementation

Computer Programming Project timeline

With support from SPIDER, the Computer Programming program has been introduced to IT teachers and students at NGS schools.

During a one-year pilot program from July 2018 to October 2019, the program's goal was to strengthen MoEYS teacher capacity to help students grow their interest in ICT and teach them computer programming, as well as provide them with practical experience using real programmable robot kits.

After several discussions with MoEYS and KAPE, the pilot program will be implemented in four New Generation Schools (NGS) that are equipped with a computer lab.

Curriculum Development InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia held discussions with IT education experts from both public and private schools in Cambodia to learn from their experiences in teaching programming courses to young students. The team conducted extensive research on programming training materials that align with a reasonable timeframe suitable for a one-year curriculum.

After two months of discussions and research, we have successfully developed the Computer Programming curriculum, following the guidelines provided by The curriculum has been reviewed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS), the IT Department team, and our partner, KAPE. We have also documented teacher guides, lesson plans, and teaching materials for the teachers and students to utilize.

The curriculum has been divided into two parts, serving as an add-on to the existing lessons in the national curriculum. Students in grades 7 to 8, who have limited knowledge of the English language and computers, will learn about basic coding concepts such as Graph Paper Programming and Web Development. The coding lessons will enable students to develop simple mobile applications, basic websites, create basic games, and provide them with an opportunity to practice with robots.

The second part of the curriculum is designed for students in grades 9 to 11 who already have a basic knowledge of computer science. This group of students will delve into topics such as problem-solving, animation, coding games, event-driven programming, programming with data structures, user-centered design, and mobile application prototyping. Training the Trainers (ToT) To ensure that IT teachers provide quality education in Computer Programming to students, InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia and KAPE are working together to conduct Training of Trainers (ToT) sessions with NGS IT teachers.

All IT teachers from Kampong Cham High School, Sisowath High School, Prek Anhjanh High School, and Prek Leap High School, as well as KAPE staff and officials from the IT Department of MoEYS, participated in the training. During the training, the tools and concepts of each lesson were introduced to the trainees.

Pilot Program with NGS Students The computer programming course will be introduced to students in the new school year. Ten IT teachers and 2,431 students from four NGS schools - Sisowath, Prek Leap, Prek Anhjanh, and Kampong Cham High Schools - will receive training in computer programming. Sisowath High School will start first on October 1, 2018, while the other three high schools will start in mid-October.

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